FSY-Cool stuff

           You've got time, and we've got cool stuff to play with. Our first suggestion GO read your bible. hah! Didn't see that coming did you? We love being youth sponsors.


Freed by Grace christian wallpaper, christian background                          John 11:25 christian wallpaper, christian background                      

  Check out these wallpapers, just a little reminder of what's important to help you get thru your day. Check out this website www.wallpapers4God.com


 Like to laugh? These guys are hilarious! www.thoushaltlaugh.com FINALLY Christian comedians that are funny. 

 What did the green grape say to the purple grape?


2 muffins are baking in an oven, one muffin turns to the other and says "Boy, it's hot in here" the other muffin screams "Ahhh a talking muffin!"


          Oh yeah a dog joke for you. A florida man was looking for a dog. He read an advertisement in the paper 20 bucks for a talking dog. So he went to the house to find out more. When the owner answered the door he said

                 I hear you have a talking dog                                           

                           sure  do the man replied

                 Can I see him?

                          sure he's in the bedroom

            When the man walked in he saw the dog watching tv. Hey how's it goin the dog asked. Holy cow you're a talking dog! how did you wind up here?

             the dog said "Well it started back in Korea I searched for bombs and drugs. After that I moved to New York and played on Broadway did some acting. Then I helped after the horrible tragedy with the twin towers search and rescue. After that I decided to move down here and retire" The man was moved to tears as he went out to talk to the owner. He asked the owner "Why are you selling this dog?"

 Because he's a BIG LIAR!!!! ahahahhahahahahaha so funny


            There were 2 cows talking across the fence between their fields. One cow said "I'm scared of mad cow disease, they say it's spreading fast." The other cow replied "I'm not worried it doesn't affect us ducks"


Play a lil' Halo? Check out Parad0x's team site (that is Isaac's team) www.parad0x.synthasite.com Or go to www.bungie.net and check out our individual profiles. Who knows maybe we'll be online and can play a few games.

   Warning! Before heading to the bungie link please understand that is not a part of our website and you need to check with your parents first.


 We run into a common problem quite often, finding good music that has a Christian message and other chords than G,D and A. Go to www.klove.com

04 Lay 'Em Down.mp3