FSY- Boot Camp Summary

Boot Camp 

     So we have started a new series for Wednesday night youth group, which we have aptly named, "Boot Camp". Why, because in this series we are telling you what you need to know to build your roots, your foundation, your "basic training". No matter how well you think you know, going back to check your roots is always a good idea, after all, you cant build a solid temple without a solid foundation.

     Week 1: "The Gauntlet"

     We set up "the gauntlet" where Craig and I stood at one end of the room, with a handful of tennis balls, while the youth tried to get to us...... without getting pegged. Haha, sadly not everyone made it without getting nailed, but all is well.

     The point:

     When you've gone away, its not always easy to get back, and when you set your eyes on a Godly goal, you will meet some opposition

     Week 2: "Foosball"

     We went over to the parking lot to play some football! Isaac is really out of shape, and so is Craig, but luckily it was only two hand touch football and no one was injured this time.

     The point:

     You can't play the game unless you know the rules. We covered the restoration movement, and the guys that started it realized, "hey, what happened? we changed all the rules, we've gotta play this game God's way". They realized that we were taking way to many liberties with the word of God and making it the word of man. It's called the word of God for a reason, because God inspired it, and our doctrine is what God says, what he tells us to do in the Bible.

Week 3: "The Minefield"

The Point:

Week 4: "Airsoft shenanigans"

The Point: